About the Winery

The Lotem Winery is an organic boutique winery, combining the production of quality wines from a variety of grapes that grow in the Upper Galilee area on the borders of the Miron Mountain, with the unique spiritual content, energetic and advanced scientific processes producing a quality and original wine.
The Lotem Winery is numbered amongst a few organic wineries throughout the country. The winery was established in 2002 by Yaniv Kimchi in the Ma’ale Zvia settlement and in 2009 moved to the Lotem settlement from its original location.

The Wine Makers

Yaniv Kimchi – born in Haifa – with high-tech experience, having many years of wine tasting journeys throughout the world.
Throughout his life, Yaniv has researched the effects of the combinations of material and wind, this passion brought about the idea behind the making of the wine, the music has a direct effect on the quality and taste of the wine.
With long international experience of wine-tasting and sixteen years of making organic wine.

The Music

Our wine is a work of art combining the taste, color, smells and energies of joy and love.
The energy in the wine derives from the organic production process and listening to the music of the wine (yes, the wine does listen to music and react). We play music to the wine at each stage of the production, fermentation and aging processes, both songs and instrumentals, the same energy that we would like you to feel upon opening a bottle and sipping to your enjoyment a glass of Lotem Organic Wine.
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