Organic and us

So why have an organic vineyard, who needs it.
Every novice winemaker knows that seventy percent of wine comes from the quality of the grapes and thirty percent is from the chemistry. That is to say that if one has quality grapes all that is required is to keep the wine and try not to ruin it and if one does not have quality grapes one has to be a very good chemist.
Now we will go back to the question of why grow an organic vineyard and what is the difference between an organic and conventional vineyard.
Let’s start with the fact that without any doubt the growing of organic grapes is better for the environment in which we live. For example, the amount of spraying is fifty times smaller than the ordinary vineyard. Apart from this, we use biological pest control which works just as well.
The idea behind the organic growing is to look at the vineyard as a living thing that knows how to look after itself when it is given the correct environment. Therefore, in our vineyards we have created an ecological system which supports the vine and that means weeds, insects and animals. All are an integral part of the ecology of the vineyard, as opposed to an ordinary vineyard which is sprayed in its entirety and trying to control the growth of the vine by manipulating what exists and patching of the vine, as opposed to an organic vineyard which grows in a natural manner, and the environment of the vines which fights the plants around it. Who needs this headache at all? We will take you back to the first paragraph. The final objective is to make quality wine without any doubt, organic wine grapes present outstanding data. It is no wonder that in Burgundy more than 60% of the vineyards are organic. Us winemakers believe that the quality of the grapes and in every harvest we are once again surprised by the quality of our grapes.
The bottom line is that the most important thing is the quality of the grapes coming out of our vineyard. We, at the Lotem Winery take care to attend to them in the best possible way: by playing music to the wine 24 hours a day and more.
The most important thing is that the wine speaks for itself. Try us and feel the difference!
The days of the Coronavirus has managed to take the creation out of even us.
From this was born the idea of the “Wine Truck” of the Lotem Winery, after long days with many ideas, thoughts and implementation, we have proudly created our portable wine bar.
You can find at our place – a variety of wines, beers and strong liquor, a magical atmosphere, good music and many other surprises.